E-1 Mega-End – Mission
E-2 Improving People’s Capacity
E-3 Increasing Community Capacity

BEDR1 Global Board – Executive Director Relationship
BEDR2 Unity of Control
BEDR3 Accountability of the Executive Director
BEDR4 Delegation of the Executive Director
BEDR5 Executive Director Job Description
BEDR6 Monitoring Executive Performance
BEDR7 Executive Director Compensation and Benefits Review Process
BEDR9 Executive Director Absence and Succession Planning

EL1 General Executive Constraint
EL2 Staff Treatment
EL3 Financial Planning
EL4 Financial Condition
EL5 Emergency Executive Succession
EL6 Asset Protection
EL7 Compensation and Benefits
EL8 Communication and Support to the Board
EL9 French Language Services
EL10 Restricted Reserves
EL11 Quality Services
EL12 Risk Management
EL13 Compliance with Strategic Alliance

GP1 Global Governance Process
GP2 Board Principles and Values
GP3 Governing Style (Guiding Principle)
GP4 Board Job Contributions
GP5 Board Chair Role
GP6 Board Committee Principles
GP7 Directors’ Code of Conduct
GP8 Governance Committee
GP9 Board Linkage With Ownership
GP10 Board Engagement with Other Organizations
GP11 Investment in Governance
GP12 Governance Succession
GP13 Board Planning Cycle
GP14 Officer Job Description Guidelines
GP15 Board Meetings and Preparation
GP16 Quality
GP17 Risk
GP18 Strategic Alliance